Best Practices


Typography is a complex and elaborate concept. Not all type is good type, and there are many examples of bad type.

In this photo, there are examples of both good and bad type.. Firstly, and most obviously, it is nearly impossible to read what the big sign (1) is trying to say. Also, it looks like the logo (2) on the bottom is completely unintelligible. However, look at the speed limit sign (3) and the word donate (4). Both easy to read, from close and far. Simple, block text and a lack of clutter makes these signs effective.

The type here is large, simple, and easy to read. It is important that basic type like this is used here because stop signs need to clearly communicate their message.

The white and orange coloration is an awful choice here. Orange makes people think of construction, and this sign is relaying information about parking. In addition, it is difficult to even read the sign, as the black text clashes horribly with the type color.